Summary of my personal tech-radar of 2022

Link to tech-radar


  • I’m becoming more convinced to not use ORM much in the project while most of my friends are big fans. Ofc, it’s handy and in the very beginning can provide lots of convenient stuff like querying, and generating data models, but later in terms of maintenance it’s becoming more burden to sync all of the stuff and you still have to use raw SQL (or SQL builder anyway) if things getting more complex especially if your main job is to transfer data. I will go with SQL builder instead (ex. SQLx), but if the application is medium size, then ORM still pretty handy anyway; Prisma is my choice when working with node and SeaORM is my choice when working with Rust. I’m ok with Diesel though since lately they provide the async solution as well via spawning the new thread, but I prefer native async solution.


  • I put redux at the beginning of the project to avoid, since in most of the projects of mine, there is no need for redux, normally what we want is simple state management with a moderate side effect, which in my opinion, redux is too big for most of my job (useReducer is good if you still want the reducer things). Simply put, the react-context or Jotai would be enough. If I need some side-effect handling, which most of my time involves around the network call, I will use the react-query or react-swr.

  • I’ve just tried the Astro and love its flexibility (although, most of the time I write react)


  • In the next 3-5 years, I think eBPF and io_uring will be adopted aggressively, so I should learn about it and thus include this on my radar as a trial. For io_uring, it seems at this time, a very progressive feature for kernel in this recent year, it will become an async API for the next generation for sure (since it is not only for async harddisk API anymore, it is now the general async for kernel).

  • cilium use eBPF under its hood.


  • This year, I have to learn elixir. Comparing to rust I’d say that I like it less, due to my preferences on type langauge and how compiler save my time, and how it’s easy to debug on concurrency (but ofc, imo, rust is harder to write concurrency )